Under The Canopy

With Coalville Education Partnerships Ltd

Outdoor ASDAN awards for Primary and Secondary Schools


CEP’s Under The Canopy (UTC) program offers students with mixed abilities the opportunity to develop social skills and learn transferable soft skills and life skills which can be taken back inside and applied to regular curriculum study.


With individual and group tasks set, the student experiences a sense of achievement and improved confidence through a series of successes resulting in tangible rewards, inspiring further inquiry and aspiration.

CEP has recently become a registered ASDAN centre which will enable us to offer a suite of qualifications, challenges and workshops to enhance the work delivered within the classroom.


Working in partnership to support your internal delivery, UTC Tutors will set practical tasks in advance, outlining expected outcomes. Progress is documented and targets are set by each student to achieve during regular lessons. Positive student activity is recorded by staff and returned to the UTC Tutors for inclusion in the students final portfolio of achievement.


Life skill challenges are focused on horticulture, gardening and nature. A blended learning approach is applied to enable the development of practical and personal skills through elements such as planning and design, application of fundamental skills, teamwork, self-reliance and resilience, problem solving and leadership, personal reflection on skills and progress made.

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