Holly Hayes is an Ancient Semi Natural Woodland located on the western edge of Charnwood Forest in The National Forest. The site is a hidden gem between Whitwick and Coalville in North West Leicestershire and is traversed by The Ivanhoe Way.

CEP Holly Hayes is the conservation and land management arm of Coalville Education Partnership ltd. The staff and students of the Community Interest Company are restoring and managing the wood to rescue fragile wildlife communities from the untamed march of holly and rampant bramble.

This page charts the progress of the project and exhibits the diverse wildlife found in this beautiful woodland.

Below is a useful video from the Holly Hayes site manager explaining why members of the public may see some trees that have been marked for felling and other trees that have been cut down. This is done for two main reasons. Safety of visitors and to benefit more valuable and emerging trees and flora. Some marked trees may not be felled after monitoring and reconsideration.

Our priority is the safety of visitors and when we know a tree is at risk of falling or dropping limbs on people, we must take action. Some trees will be replaced with new planting, some will not and natural regeneration will take place. This is a restorative process aimed at achieving Holly Hayes Wood's full potential as a wildlife haven and flagship National Forest Woodland.

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