Through funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner, Coalville Education Partnership was given the opportunity to deliver various activities within Coalville during the evenings.

We have used our connections to support agencies and schools to help promote our aims of getting young people to take part and give them an opportunity to get their voices heard.

Coalville Education Partnership also worked alongside the IMPACT team to deliver several workshops, for example: Prison Awareness.

We got in touch with a peer mentor who told their own personal story of what it is like being in custody and how this impacted their personal and family life.

Here are some topics that we discussed with our young people:

  • Family and relationships

  • Exploitation

  • Knife crime

  • Hate crime

  • Anti-social behaviour

  • Substance misuse

  • Mental health


The Tutor of this project worked with young people on specific activities which support and represent some of the discussions and comments made by the young people. These discussions led to the young people designing and producing artwork with the assistance of their tutors, the art work represents some of the topics that were discussed.

Opening Hours 

Due to the age groups of people onsite, please call and book an appointment prior to coming to CEP.

Mon    8:30am -3pm

Tue      8:30am -3pm

Wed    8:30am -3pm

Thu     8:30am -3pm

Fri        8:30am -3pm