Coalville Education Partnership (CEP) was approached by a local Parish Council to create a play area within a disused BMX/ skate park.

CEP designed a cycle park in an enclosed space for young children to gain confidence on their bicycles and to learn road safety.

Our students were involved in the design and production of houses, churches and shops for the site. The land was cleared of debris and overhanging trees were cut back. Flower beds, bridges and road mapping took place prior to planting and creating a village scene. CEP students took part in the construction and installation of the cycle park.

Over 300 foot of Graffiti artwork was designed, created and installed across two sections of wall to enhance the enclosed space and finish off the street scenes.

Opening Hours 

Due to the age groups of people onsite, please call and book an appointment prior to coming to CEP.

Mon    8:30am -3pm

Tue      8:30am -3pm

Wed    8:30am -3pm

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