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Coalville Education Partnership (CEP ltd) offers Education and Enrichment Packages to young people who are struggling to reach their full potential in mainstream education.


1. Will work with parents, individual schools and academies to enhance the learning experience of the students.

2. Is not affiliated or regulated by a governing body, although working along side with and supporting schools.

3. Adheres to safeguarding policies and confidential data policies to ensure we are offering progressive education

    in a safe and secure environment.

4. Does not share information about students with anyone outside of contracted agreements made for individual

    students and parents.

5. Ensure that all Staff, Tutors, Directors and Volunteers are fully DBS checked. First Aid Staff are always onsite.

6. Consultant tutors with specific knowledge of education, working with vulnerable young people, careers advocacy,

    financial expertise, outdoor education and working with young people and/or families will deliver bespoke packages 

    to encourage young people to meet their potential. 

7. Will provide support for the whole person. Believing in this approach gives each individual the opportunity to

    progress in each area of their lives.


8. Will deliver academic and vocational qualifications if appropriate, supported by enrichment and enhancement

     activities to young people who access CEP.

9. Will encourage young people to make positive and informed decisions that benefit their futures through diverse

    learning experiences. CEP will offer support to young people to develop skills for life, the workplace and/ or further 


Workshop details

The enrichment of students is paramount and at CEP we feel that this starts at the entrance through how we, as tutors, relate and respond to the needs of our students.

The need to ensure good relationships are formed between students and staff means that we limit places on each workshop to between 6 to 8 young people.   Workshops will be split into age categories to ensure Tutors can differentiate work and ensure that all participants have an opportunity to engage.  Workshops will vary in skills starting with basic levels and progressing.

Within workshop sessions, Tutors will encourage the practical application of Math's and English, which will further enhance both confidence of the student and progress towards their goals.

Life Skills

We encourage good citizenship and look at the skills required to become active participants in communities that the students are from. The development of self-confidence, communication skills and personal management, which we believe is just as important and vital as much as the qualification gained.

Academic qualifications look great on a CV, but if a young person is self-assured in their skill base, has the confidence to learn and develop new skills, a willingness to engage then learning will be a lifelong experience benefiting both the individual and the wider society.

Workshop Costs

Workshops will be 6 hours in length and will be split into 3 x 2 hour bi weekly sessions.

The cost will be £60.00 per workshop (£10.00) per hour.

See Expression of Interest Form for further details on delivery times.

Parental participation and support

Within each workshop, CEP will provide parents with a document reflecting the outcomes and skills within the workshop.

Lesson plans and outcomes will be made available for parents to collate and record the progression of their child throughout the time that you access CEP.


CEP runs a Fare Share social eating venue (CK's) on site which would offer parents/carers an opportunity to come together and skill share on specific issues and topics thus creating an environment which encourages inclusion and assistance from parents - the most skilled and knowledge asset we have in relation  to their children.

Feedback and informing future plans

CEP encourages parents to take an active part in the design of workshops.  We will offer both written and recorded opportunities to feedback on individual issues and general workshop ideas. We will endeavor to develop workshops in line with the needs assessments of both student and parents, and will actively encourage a 'steering group' of parents/ carers and other supporters who can guide delivery and build on the success of CEP Home Education.


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