Coalville Education Partnership (CEP)  received funding in 2016/17 for a catering kitchen which is used in the practical elements of education for students and as a central community lunch hub. Building on this funding LCC supported a meal service across North West Leicestershire during the Covid-19 pandemic.

CEP was aware of the needs of the local community and the need to support the most vulnerable families and individuals during isolation. CEP has worked with Fare Share to increase deliveries to ensure that CEP had enough stock both ambient and fresh, to support the project. As lock down and the associated changes to family life developed, it was apparent that Coalville Education Partnership would need to make change to the model to cater for the changing of families and individuals.

One of the pressing challenges was the need to get the meals distributed across a wide area and the logistics necessary to carry out the delivery. By working with local voluntary groups CEP produced 5200 cooked meals and hamper with ambient meals and preparation food items so families can make meals for themselves. The hampers catered for approximately 2500 additional meals.

Coalville Education Partnership operated a bulk collection system to maintain the integrity of the catering kitchen and reduce the risk of infection by only allowing CEP staff into the building. All other deliveries and collections were managed outside of the building with time slots allocated for collection by various groups that we have supported.

By remaining in contact with Agencies and local voluntary groups, CEP was able to adapt to the needs of the local community.

Coalville Education Partnership has supported the following projects and received support and in kind and signposting from various groups, agencies and businesses.

Hugglescote, Donington Le Heath and Coalville Community Hub – Major distributor of food within the first 12 weeks. After that period a reduction in meals to enable more areas to be covered. 200 a week reduced to 100 a week.

Veronica House – Support needed after contact through the above Hub

Agar Nook Community – Set up a pop up days and deliveries to ensure families had access to hampers and individual meals.

Feed The Need – supported by CEP – Delivery of food hampers to various locations. Fresh food and surplus food from CEP and The Fuel Factory sent to their food bank.

Coalville Veterans Groups – Individual contacts asking for a variety of support for families and individuals – hampers and meals. Logistics support offered through CEP’s central base.

Durban House - Support needed after contact through the above Hub

Margaret Street Church (Food Bank) –Fair exchange of ambient perishable food. This enabled CEP to use some of their excess perishables in exchange for ambient food which can be stored for a longer duration, CEP then used the exchange to produce meals for various groups.

Community Fridge – Any surplus (in date) food esp. perishables – this was an ideal avenue to reduce waste and ensure families benefit from Fares Share deliveries.

NWLIP - The behaviour partnership manages students and their families who are outside of school education settings. By engaging with this agency we have been able to support families of students from across the area with meals and hampers of food.

The Fuel Factory – This is a local catering business who donated surplus fresh veg to CEP and supports the wider community projects CEP is involved in.


“My mum and dad had a delivery from you the other day, how lovely of you all for what you are doing. Thank you so much, you truly are amazing, kind and well done to every one of you.”



“Well done all, looks delicious”



“Thank you for delivering to my parents on Bridge Road, wonderful service. Well done to all involved.”



“They were amazing, thank you so much.”



“Fantastic work. We are so proud of you all, my mother and father-in-law are so pleased and excited when they get theirs. They said that they still can’t believe that someone would do this for them.”



“My Grandma received one of these yesterday. She was absolutely over the moon!!! Thank you for all of the fantastic work you are doing.”



My dad is very grateful, plus he is seeing a friendly face when I can’t get to him. Thank you everyone.”



“You are doing an amazing job. Well done to you all.”